Paid services: +375 17 270-28-21, +375 29 396 34 25; Help desk: +375 17 231-78-94, +375 17 231-60-90; Help desk (maternity hospital): +375 17 302-63-29

Paid services: +375 17 270-28-21, +375 29 396 34 25

Help desk: +375 17 231-78-94, +375 17 231-60-90;

Help desk (maternity hospital): +375 17 302-63-29

 220026 Minsk, ul. Filatova, 9
  • Otoplasty


    We help to correct the defects of the auricle, including everted ears

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  • Abdominoplasty


    Abdominoplasty helps to solve the problem of saggy skin and weak abdominal wall

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  • Preparation for delivery

    Preparation for delivery

    The course is hosted by higher qualification Obstetrician Gynecologist Elena N. Korsak

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  • Abdominal hernia repair

    Abdominal hernia repair

    We apply an individual approach and decide on a treatment option depending on a patient’s needs

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  • Carboxytherapy (CO2 injections)

    Carboxytherapy (CO2 injections))

    Procedures are carried out by reflexologist Irina V. Doroshkevich

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Maternity hospital

Our maternity hospital occupies a modern and comfortable building. It has the state-of-the-art equipment. The staff of the maternity hospital applies the latest health care techniques.

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For foreign citizens

We provide high-quality medical care to foreign citizens.

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Clinical trials

The 5th hospital The 5th City Clinical Hospital is the center for clinical trials of medical products and medical equipment manufactured by domestic and foreign companies.

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Dear patients,

Our skillful, attentive and diligent staff offer high-quality medical services to the citizens of the Republic of Belarus and to foreign citizens on a paid basis.

We have the latest equipment and ensure comfortable staying to our patient.

What to take to the maternity hospital?

We recommend to pack two bags, one to be taken to the maternity hospital, another – for the discharge from the maternity hospital. Show them to a father-to-be or a person, who will bring them to the maternity hospital. It is better even to sign bags, for instance, “maternity hospital” and “discharge”, to avoid problems.

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