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Paid services: +375 17 296-34-25

Help desk: +375 17 295-33-02

Help desk (maternity hospital): +375 17 302-63-29

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Clinical trials

The 5th City Clinical Hospital is the center for clinical trials of medical products and medical equipment.

We carry out clinical trials in the field of neurology, neurosurgery, cardiology, pulmonology, anesthesia, intensive care, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology.

Clinical Trials

Information about clinical trials carried out from January 1, 2013 to December 14, 2017

Company Name. Customer Medication
AS Grindeks, Latvia IPIGRIX, 15mg/ml solution for injections in 1ml ampoules manufactured by HBM Pharma s.r.o., Slovakia

IPIGRIX, 20mg tablets, manufactured by AS Grindeks, Latvia

Total: 2 medications

Bioequivalence trials