Paid services: +375 17 296-34-25; Help desk: +375 17 295-33-02; Help desk (maternity hospital): +375 17 302-63-29

Paid services: +375 17 296-34-25

Help desk: +375 17 295-33-02;

Help desk (maternity hospital): +375 17 302-63-29

Minsk, ul. Filatova, 9

Methods of payment

You may pay for our services:

  1. in cash (cash desk in room No.102)
  2. by card (cash desk in room No.102)
  3. via Raschet system (ERIP)

Raschet is an automated information system of the common settlement and information space (AIS ERIP) developed by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus with a view to facilitating acceptance of payments made by individuals and legal entities (, call center 141).

You may easily make any payment in a bank, on-line bank or mobile bank, bank terminal or ATM, etc. (list of customer service points).

We accept cash, e-cash and credit cards.

If you make a payment in a bank, please, inform a cashier that the payment is to be made via Raschet System (ERIP).

First, find the 5th City Clinical Hospital in the list of Raschet system:

Minsk → Social services, Health care → Hospitals→ 5th City Clinical Hospital → Enter your contract number → Enter your full name

To make a payment

  1. Select “Raschet System (ERIP)”
  2. Select “Payment via ERIP according by service code”
  3. Enter service code 419941
  4. Enter your contract number, full name and amount of payment
  5. Check the entered data
  6. Make the payment